Hope Street was formed in August 1989 and at first was a quartet composed of Darlene Clemens, John Clemens, Jonni Hepler, Orville Hawkins and Colin Longstaffe, sound engineer.  All members of the Calvary church choir in Ormond Beach, FL, the quartet ministered mostly in that church and was named the Calvary Quartet.  After many requests for cassette recordings the Calvary Quartet traveled to Okalahoma City to record their first project and at this time changed their name to Hope Street Quartet because John And Darlene lived on Hope Street in Ormond Beach.  Shortly after the first cassette titled "Walkin' In The Spirit" was released, Hope street went on the road for a ten day tour through West Virginia and Illinois.  This began a regular monthly concert schedule which now is over a hundred bookings per year.  Hope Street members all know Jesus Christ as personal Savior and it is our desire to see others come to the realization that only with Him does life have real meaning.  Hope Street's goal is to sing harmony that brings hope to the heart and that hope is found in only one, Jesus Christ.

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